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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

May 15, 2017

Writer/Actor/Improviser/Co-Host of the podcast "Mythunderstood", Sarah Oliver joins Jake on the couch this week. If you asked their friends to describe their relationship, people would probably say they're "frenemies." That's not entirely true, but it's not entirely untrue, either. The duo discuss said relationship and how they've grown together over the years, as well as their experience being the Backyard FX B-Team and sharing the same best friend. On that note Sarah discusses what it's like having a male bestie and the old timey intolerance that still comes with it, finding creativity as a child in the face of boredom, her desire to write, being born in Berlin and growing up a military kid with other military kid friends. She also shares a very personal story of how PTSD effected her father and in effect, her relationship with him. As well as the somewhat secret past he had in Hollywood with his then comedy partner, comedian and radio host Frazer Smith. Also, Cheetos!

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