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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Jun 5, 2017

Entrepreneur/Filmmaker/Actor Brian Finifter is on the couch with Jake this week.

They talk about the universe's prime directive (bringing the two of them together), having desires with limited abilities, positively reinforcing children's natural gifts vs work well done, how the brain (and the process of evolution) only really cares about "getting by" and how apparently that's the rule of the universe. They question if they're indeed millennials. Jake doesn't think so. He also hates that his nieces don't have to rush home to catch Ducktails at a specific time on tv. Also, Brian made one of the earliest viral Star Wars parodies, "The Injured Stormtrooper" and it broke his family server which is probably where they got the ending for Rogue One from (not a lot of people know that).

On a more serious note, Brian talks about losing his father at 4 and what it's like not having an emotional connection to him, but a strong one to Spock.

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