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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Jun 26, 2017

Actor/Writer/Producer Michael Bachman is on the couch this week and talking about the other The Mike Bachmann as well as his life as one of 12, yes, TWELVE SIBLINGS. His mother was pregnant for nearly an entire decade of her life. It was a fuller house for sure. He also talks about his friendship with Elaborate friendly and voice of Dragon Wagon Radio, Tony Wayne, and the duo's Shakespeare shenanigans in Wisconsin as well as his history in standup and sketch, holding temporary jobs, his sons nerdom, putting comedy over parenting and where the line is when it comes to playing tricks on your kids. He also tells the stories of how he courted his now wife via multiple New Years Eves in New York and about how his father lost the family business in a card game when he was a kid.

All that and Jake plays a voicemail Tony left him pitching a brilliant idea. This one is jam packed!

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