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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Jul 24, 2017

Celia Gordon is a Criminal Defense Attorney, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur and co-founder of The Work-Shop in Huntington, NY. She also happens to be Elaborate host Jake's sister! Jake is home on Long Island sitting with his big sis and chatting with her about their relationship, complex family and shared father. Celia discusses how she went from district attorney intern to being one of New York's top Criminal Defense Attorneys working on high and low profile cases and defending people other's might consider un-defendable. She talks about defending the wrongly convicted Jon-Adrian Velazquez in a now infamous homicide case covered by Dateline NBC, putting her work above all else including family and self and how her ego challenged her desire to slow down and eventually go home. She goes on to discuss how Yoga allowed her to shut off her mind, put away her cell phone and deal with her conflicted feelings as well as the difficult decisions she made to find herself where she is now, so far from where she started. Following the mantra the miracles in life happen when you stop trying to figure it all out.

Also, she went through a pretty intense dubsmash phase.

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