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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Aug 7, 2017

After countless mentions, Tybee Diskin is finally on the couch joining Jake this week talking about the genesis and ending of her podcast "InterroBang w/ Travis and Tybee" and the good it's done including the incredible "InterroPals" pen pal system she established that puts people in need in touch with others experiencing similar things, and how just being transparent in general helped HER discover information about ADHD/Autism she wouldn't know otherwise.

The two talk about Tybee's jovial drunk behavior and how misguided positivity made her cry on her birthday, Jake's sober behavior, being close friends who don't see each other often and how they're both fans of communication. Tybee talks a little about the actors grind that she's left behind, working with Wayside Creations and working on fan films like Fallout Nuka Break as well as the children's book based on her Nintendo DS playing giant grandmother that she has put her creative energy into recently. She talks a bit about her grandmother's personality, confidence, and also tells the story of how her grandparents met and it's super awesome.

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