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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Aug 21, 2017

Comedian Jonny Loquasto is on the couch talking about his new independent stand up album "Jonny Loquasto Presents Jonny Loquasto's Jonny Loquasto," being a self starter, his vast creative endeavors and his absolute warpath of a work ethic.

He talks about his suburban Pennsylvania roots from the whitest city ever that drove him to seek diversity in life, how the sketch show "In Living Color" and actor David Alan Grier inspired him to find the funny, being a physical therapist, the whim that brought him to LA and into standup, dealing with the bitterness from bouts of unpopularity and finding the positive reinforcement.

He also talks about how he found himself as a pro wrestling color commentator for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood all because someone no showed!

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