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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Oct 9, 2017

Actress, Comedian & Podcast Host Krista Allen is on the couch this week for an amazingly transparent, enlightened, beautifully introspective and self-aware journey through her at times tragic experience finding her voice, LITERALLY.

With a con-man father and a narcissistic, Beach Boy groupie mother (no seriously), she discusses how the difficult hand she was dealt led to some massive insecurities, both anger and "daddy issues," an unhealthy career victim mentality, eating disorders, love addiction and more. From constantly moving around and seeking safe haven, being inable to express her feelings, leaving school young, surviving sexual abuse and more, she has a truly incredible perspective on her own story and her outlook on both her past and her future is inspiring and lovely.

She talks about alignment and he talks about balance. And that's all just the first half. This a don't-miss whirlwind of a conversation.

There's also a 5 foot 6 Persian cage-fighting rapper in there somewhere.

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