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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Oct 16, 2017

Actor/Director/Producer Brionne Davis is on the couch talking his small town roots and the nugget of truth that's been burning like lava inside him ever since playing Tom Sawyer as a kid in community theater in Paris TX.

He talks about how C.S. Lewis' The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe sparked an active imagination, his relationship with his quite opposite older brother, the outsider mindset and his childhood ADD before ADD was really a "thing."

The two also share their experiences growing up in two similar racially mixed public schools in what most people would consider two vastly differently parts of the country, before having an open and frank discussion about racism, acceptance, and their experiences growing up on the privileged side of the skin color spectrum. They discuss how something happens in the formative teenage years that triggers a shift in the social consciousness, and how our tribe mentality lends itself to the rebellious nature of teens as well as some of the guilt they feel for adolescent transgressions.

Brionne also speaks to his desire for a world that embraces culture and finds itself in other peoples' history opposed to alienating it. And how his roll in the Academy Award Nominated film "Embrace of the Serpent" helped him do exactly that.

Be sure to check out Embrace of the Serpent on Amazon, iTunes or Vudu and look out for Brionne on the brand new Hulu show Castle Rock, based on stories by Stephen King.

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