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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Oct 23, 2017

From Groundlings to SNL to Dan Harmon's Community, Jordan Black is ever-present in the business of funny. This week he's on the couch speaking about his small town Illinois upbringing idolizing The Fonz and his supportive and pro-active mother who was the only person he needed to hear "you can do it" from.

He talks about his surprisingly well rounded mindset at young age having a clear picture of what he wanted, how he decided as a perfectly attending class-clown freshman in high school that college simply wasn't gonna work for him, some wise words he hung onto by the great philosopher Lenny Kravitz, and about how he moved to LA before he was even 18.

He also shares his experience being a black man in the mostly white dominated world of sketch/improv, how a lot of the pushback and struggle he faces comes from a place you probably wouldn't expect and how it all led to the critically acclaimed Groundlings show he created called "The Black Version."

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