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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Oct 30, 2017

Actor, Rapper and self-proclaimed Nerd, Damian Washington joins Jake this week and the two recall the day they met & Damian's job of tackling the six time world champion Chris Jericho on Comedy Central's "Nothing To Report."

Damian shares some of his experience growing up in Harlem, having hood stripes and how people that don't actually wear them romanticize them. He talks about his neighborhood watch-woman grandmother who kept an eye on him and the block, the father he met for the first time when he was 30, the struggle in reconnecting, growing up fatherless and how family norms strongly differ between his inner city black community and Jake's suburban white one, despite some personal similarities.

There's also performing arts high schools, sexual theater analogies, Captain Crunch commercials, the ancient chinese art of Qigong, and influencial co-stars before Damian also speaks transparently and emotionaly about living (and vlogging) with Auto Immune Disease and Multiple Sclerosis and how publishing and sharing his treatment, struggles, ups and downs has opened doors and offered strength.

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