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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Dec 22, 2017

Better late than never. Jake escaped a near-death illness and managed to get out Episode 34 before the weeks end.

Actor, Writer, and host of Marvel Movie News, Coy Jondreau joins Jake for fast paced and light hearted conversation that's all over the place. Coy is discussing his involvement in the Rocky Horror Hipster Show (by former guest of the show Maggie Levin) and its potential to return to LA next year. Being an actor turned web host in the geek world and how embracing his nerdom opened many rewarding doors.
He also tells of his printing pressing father who's business moved the family a lot, Living in Virginia, Upstate New York, & Boston, (and desperately losing his Boston accent), being an older brother by a decade and imparting wisdom on his much younger siblings, having Teen parents that did NOT have him accidentally and how the man who raised him that he calls dad, isn't his biological father.

Also there's talk of how his family all "lived on one mountain," (you didn't read that wrong) his love for comic books and how his dad got him into them, the struggle that comes with having a total "bro" exterior with a soft nerdy center, his obsession with the Deadpool character and his work towards becoming Joe Rogan.

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