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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Aug 16, 2019

Actor/Producer/Director Shane Hartline is on the couch and sharing tales of a creative kid with a glorious VHS camcorder making home movies, taking improv classes at 13 and calling Universal Studios and Nickelodeon trying to get acting jobs! He also talks about training to be a wrestler at 15 with his supportive father who bought him a wrestling ring and may or may not have unintentionally started a wrestling school. He and Jake discuss their mutual experiences with the pro-wrestling industry and the toxic masculinity and other behaviors that pushed them away from it. They also talk about how the birth of YouTube and Wood and Steel productions and the weekly web series he coercing friends to be a part of, Shane's brilliant "Mark E. Xtreme" character, being in Rock of Ages, the Parable of the Horse that emotionally rocked Jake in the Bill Murray Stories and the way Shane feels he is tested by a higher power! 

Shane also talks about his brand new short film, Cookie - about an aspiring actress living with spasmodic dysphonia, a rare disease affecting the larynx in which Shane himself lives with.


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