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Elaborate w/ Jake Lloyd Bacon

Mar 26, 2018

Actor, writer, comedian & host, Mo Mandel is on the couch this week. He talks about growing up in a small country town in Northern California that may actually be the origin of the term "boonies" as the second son of two mindfully professional yet hippie NY parents. An outcast who found himself in creative writing after a disheartening realization that "professional athlete" probably wasn't in his future as a 93lb high school baseball player who couldn't hit. He also talks about having his own column in his high school paper, making fellow camp counselors be his first stand-up audience, his ability or lack-thereof to maintain positive relationships, his parents celebrating their 50th anniversary, going to comedy college in the San Francisco comedy scene and the two wax poetic about the odd mind of mutual friend, Theo Von.

And he does all of this while being humped by Jake's dog.

Be sure to checkout Mo's fantastic podcast "The Full Release" which he co-hosts with his girlfriend and doctor of sexual medicine, Dr. Ashley.


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